​​It all started back in Sicily, Italy where my grandfather's family, Russalino Battaglia grew up before immigrating to the United States.  Russalino and his wife, Maria had 12 children all of whom were great cooks which led into restaurants and catering in Buffalo, NY. I especially enjoyed our big family picnics each year at State Parks that included nearly a hundred people.  The money that was generated for this wonderful gathering came from monthly dues which were held at the Uncles and Nephews monthly meetings. The Uncle having the meeting would enjoy providing his own special appetizer and drinks

As a young boy I was always fascinated by the sizzle and smell, but most of all the great taste and quality of our Family Homemade Italian Sausage.  By the age of 15, I had to ask my Uncle Charlie and Grampa Sam if I could come to their Restaurant to participate in making their Traditional Homemade Italian Sausage they had been making for many years which I'm sure came from Italy.  I was very excited when they said yes and couldn't wait to go. So this was the beginning of my learning how to make Homemade Italian Sausage which would carry on to another generation of fine quality sausage making. I always enjoyed making sausage for our family, my wife and five children, her family of five brothers and three sisters and all of our friends.

Since moving to Florida in September of 1994, we started our Company called Ancient City Construction and when the construction industry slowed down due to the economy, we decided to start making our Traditional Family Homemade Italian Sausage to serve it at the Farmers Market and Special Events to help support ourselves and our children.  We always felt confident that the quality and great taste of our New York Style Sausage would do very well in the State of Florida as it has done so well in Italy and Buffalo.

We appreciate very much the satisfaction that our Homemade Italian Sausage has brought to all our customers, family and friends.  We, as proud, blessed parents of five beautiful children feel confident that we will be passing down this traditional recipe with the love and passion from one generation to the next.

As always, it's a pleasure serving our community and we look forward to your visit.

God Bless, ‘

Jack and Kathy Antonio

Antonios Pizza & Grill

St. Augustine, FL 32092